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Laser surgery

In many surgeries, the laser can replace the scalpel. Your pet's health is as important to us as it is to yours. It is therefore a great pleasure for us to offer laser surgery as a new option that provides safe and painless treatment. An optimal alternative to traditional surgery.

What is the laser?


It is a device that generates an intense and consistent flow of amplified light that can cut, seal, or vaporize tissue. Laser technology reduces trauma to your pet's tissues and improves recovery, which often reduces hospitalization time

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Why perform laser surgeries?


  • Less pain: The laser seals the nerve endings during surgery, so your pet will feel less pain and more postoperative comfort.

  • Less bleeding: The laser seals the tiny blood vessels during surgery, which greatly speeds up some procedures. In doing so, your pet will spend less time under anesthesia, and the risk of complications will be greatly reduced.

  • Less oedemas and inflammatory reactions: The laser does not damage, tear or bruise the tissues of your animal since the only thing that touches it is an invisible beam of light.

What does this change for my pet?


  • Significantly reduced risk of infection: While removing diseased tissue, the laser seals the skin, reducing the number of bacteria that can enter.

  • Precise intervention: Extreme precision removes unhealthy tissue with the laser while harmful effects on healthy tissues around are kept to a minimum.

  • A quick return to normal: Rapid healing and reduced postoperative trauma provide better healing conditions.

Is this a new technology?


For over thirty years, laser technology has been successfully used in humans. All this knowledge accumulated in human medicine now applies to veterinary medicine and some veterinarians can today offer this safe and painless option of laser surgery. In many cases, the laser can replace the scalpel and offer a judicious alternative to traditional surgery.

How does the laser work?


The different properties of the laser are determined by the different wavelengths of light that it produces. Since the veterinarian can accurately direct the laser, only a thin layer of tissue is removed, leaving the surrounding healthy areas intact.


In which case is this laser effective?


The laser is ideal in a wide variety of surgical procedures. Laser surgery is often used in cases of soft tissue surgery, the tissue used to support structures and organs of the body such as muscles, blood vessels or adipose tissue. For example: certain interventions such as sterilizations, castrations or amputations, dental or oral surgeries and ablations of tumors or masses and many dermatological surgeries.


In all the cases where a surgery will be required for your animal, we will optimize it if this one can be carried out by means of the laser.

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