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Basset Hound Check-Up



Dental health is important for your pet because it can affect directly or indirectly his general health. And for a hygiene question, but also for your own health and a healthy way of living, your animal should have an annual dental exam. We will check with you if cleaning his mouth is necessary and we will give you some advices about his dental health. 

Nowadays, science makes the link between dental and heart diseases :

  •  Dental plaque spreads on teeth, contains lots of bacteria, and irritates gums.

  •  Once gums are irritated, they easily bleed and allow bacteria to get into the blood system. 

  •  the blood system, bacteria spreads into the whole body and can cause a negative impact on vital organs. 

Moreover, if your pet's teeth are not regularly checked, he might get a painful dental infection, he will lose some of his teeth and will get a loss of immunity, limiting his capacity to fight against diseases and infections.


Plaque is a colorless layer which contains lots of bacteria that can be harmful. It accumulates and becomes mineral to be changed into tartar, which is this yellow-brownish envelope you can see on teeth. Plaque spreads, infects gums and harms bones tissues which support teeth.


That's how your pet can get periodontal disease which make his teeth fall down. He will be in pain for a long time but you will notice it only when it will be unbearable. 

It's a common disease for small dog races and some cats. Of course, it's more and more frequent when they get older.

Vet clinic offers you dental services : exam, cleaning, tartar removal, polishing, in order to prevent from tartar consequences. If it's needed, we also make dental extractions, advices and preventive care. 

During every anesthesia we entirely exam your pet's mouth and treat him if he needs it.

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