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Veterinarian with Dog

Medicine consultations and urgent care

Medicine consultations are every day, all year long and on an appointment (except emergencies).

When you call to get an appointment, we give you a precise hour to be here. When the problem is urinary or digestive, it can be useful to bring a sample of urine or stools. 

If blood analysis may be done during consultation, please do not give anything to eat or drink a few hours before the exam. Do not hesitate to ask to our receptionists. When you come at the reception, they will welcome you, update your personal information, or open a file for you and the new patients. 

How does a consultation work?

First you'll meet the veterinarian in an office separated from the consultation room and he will ask you a brief summary of your pet's problem, your observations, and then he will do the examination.

Then you will enter into a modern fitted  consultation room with Electronic microscopeotoscope and video-otoscopeophtalmoscopeelectronic stethoscopeautomatic Doppler sphygmomanometerelectronic microship readerelectronic  and infrared thermometerVetronics electrocardiogram (EKG).

Blood and urinary analysis ( biochemistryelectrolytescomplete blood countthyroid and suprarenal hormonal countFIV and FeLV viral tests and lots more) 


By putting your pet on our consultation exam table we will weight him in order to get a weight control, which is an important element of his medical file.

A full general exam consists in checking your pet from the front side to the back side. We will first check his mouth : his mucous membrane color, teeth, gums, and even inside if your pet is cooperative. Then we will examine his eyes, eyelids and ears. We will check his main ganglions situated in different areas of his body and then we will palpate his stomach. We will check his heart, examine his peripheral pulse and take his temperature. A visual and tactile skin exam will be done too, and we won't forget her mammary glands, especially if she's a female.



The best way to come with your pet?

Of course, the person who knows the best the animal will be the best one to come to our clinic in consultation, because anamnesis will be more detailed. This person will help us to find the best and the fastest diagnosis. It's important that he's able to reassure his pet and make him cooperate for his consultation. Sometimes 2 people will be necessary to make the pet comfortable. It's important that the consultation takes place in a peaceful environment in order to encourage his cooperation, so if young children have to come with you, make sure that they will get their favorite toys so they won't get irritated because depending on your animal condition, the consultation can be a little longer than expected.

Medicine consultation conclusion


Siting at his desk, the veterinarian will explain you his diagnosis and the treatment you will have to give. It's a crucial moment to well understand his observations and his medical advices. Chemistry is often prescribed at this moment.


Your pet will be peaceful in this friendly space, apart from the consultation room.

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