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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Complete on site analyses laboratory

When your pet needs blood tests to evaluate his physical condition, the main tests are done directly in the clinic, 24/7.

As animals don't talk, blood analyses are often useful to confirm a diagnosis. Sometimes, those tests will allow us to confirm you that all his vital organs are fine, and you will be pleased to know that. 

The more frequent blood tests are about kidney function evaluation, liver function, blood sugar, red and white cells, and different electrolytes (phosphor, calcium, potassium, chlorine…), which all indicate health problems if they are out of their limits.

The clinic also offers you on site classical urine analyses which allows us to detect a urine infection or urinary stones, and helps us to diagnose kidney problem or diabetes.

Screening tests of feline leukemia, feline immune-deficient virus, canine parvovirus, heart worms and tics diseases (Lyme disease…) are also performed on site, same as cPIL test, which indicates dogs' pancreas infection.






Of course there are many analyses and blood test that are done a very few times  and need very particular machines or specialized laboratories. We are connected with clinical pathologists, working in external laboratories. If it's necessary, we won't hesitate to give them your pet's tests to get more information.

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