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Laser therapy

Laser was discovered in 1960 and its bio-stimulating properties in 1967. Laser therapy began in the 70's in Europe and since has been the subject of thousands scientific articles. This therapy is more and more popular and was approved in North America in 2000.

The clinic is equipped with a diode 2r laser.

With its large tip, this laser is not used for surgery but for therapy, mostly for pain managing, especially to improve some affections healing. 

Laser therapy works on tissues by improving local circulation and reducing inflammation, which reduces pain. With this technic, your pet will heal faster.

An infrared ray is caught by exposed cells, activating a photo-biomodulation evolution. This light will be used to heal.

From hip dysplasia to stomatitis, from infected wound to soft tissues and bones traumas, laser can help to heal with its multiple and well-known effects.

Here is a summary of scientific well-known effects with laser therapy :

  •  Acceleration of tissue repairing and of cell growth, increasing the available energy for the  treated cells.

  •  Healing acceleration, stimulating collagen production, which allows cell repairing.

  •  Reduces scars formation. 

  •  Anti-inflammatory effect, allowing a better lymphatic draining thanks to blood vessels diameter increase.

  •  Analgesic effect (pain therapy), producing neurochemical substances which diminishes pain, blocking pain messages transmission between the different nerves.

  •  Improvement of vascular activity by creating capillary in wounded tissues, accelerating the healing process.

  •  Stimulation of acupuncture meridians. 


Questions about this therapy

Is it a painful treatment?

There is a very few felt sensations, sometimes a light warmth or some tingling. Treated areas can be temporary more sensible after the treatment.

How long is a session and how many sessions will my pet need?

Depending on the area we need to treat, a session will last from 5 to 10 minutes, and treatments can be everyday if it's an acute condition, moreover if there's an acute pain. On the other hand, for chronic problems, sessions will be from 2 to 3 treatments per week for the first weeks, and then will progressively diminish depending on the improvement. Some conditions might need periodical treatments.

Immediate effects?

Several patients will get favorable effects from the first treatment, some other will see effects within 5 or 6 sessions (cumulative treatments).


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