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Drug and Syringe


Just like us, your pet can be vaccinated in order to prevent some diseases which can be fatal.

Before their sterilization, we will ask that your pet is updated with his vaccination to prevent from diseases transmission, much easier at this age, because their immunity system is still adapting and your young friend doesn't have protecting antibody enough if his vaccination is not updated. Moreover, vaccination always includes complete general exam. Knowing that he cannot speak, this exam can reveal contraindications for his vaccination or his next surgery which will be under general anesthesia.


At every stage of his life, vaccination is essential to prevent from those diseases. And your pet will be protected at every time, even if he has to be hospitalized. Anesthesia makes immunity system capacity temporary weaker, so he can be more vulnerable the days after the surgery, and he can get a disease he could have avoided if he was well vaccinated.

The clinic offers you a well-adapted vaccination service. We will choose a vaccination protocol depending on his way of life. For example, a dog that gets out only for a short moment, on sidewalks, with a leash, won't have the same vaccination needs than a dog who goes to the countryside every week, running in the fields, or having access to a farm.

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