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Pharmacists' hands


The clinic offers you a pharmacy and hygiene products service everyday on site for your pet. It means that if your pet needs an item with or without prescription to treat him or just for prevention, we have everything you need on site.

After a consultation and a medical exam, the veterinarian can prescribe you some medicine if it's necessary.

Animals have needs which can be very different from human beings and doesn't weight the same than us. Dosages and concentrations will be adapted depending on weight, specie and sometimes race of your animal.

Some medicine can even be toxic for your pet! The most popular example is aspirin and paracetamol… Please never give your cat some of those, it might have unfortunate consequences.

We also have flavored medicine in order to easily observe the treatment. We can offer you sweets to put the pills inside. Do not hesitate to ask for some advices!

If your pet needs it, the clinic can also offer you some long lasting injectable products, in order to save you giving pills twice a day. You will avoid forgetting them, and you won't have to make your pet take them.

So before trying to heal you pet with medicine you're familiar with, take an appointment in order to be well advised and give the right treatment for him. He will always be thankful!

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