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Blood pressure measurement

Yes, animals can also suffer from high blood pressure. 

Especially cats who have kidney failures. It will be useful to measure it because high blood pressure can be the origin of his disease, or another symptom. 

For dogs, hyperandenocorticism (adrenal gland disease) can lead to high blood pressure.

Blood pressure monitoring will be of course a vital parameter to check during anesthesia. 

Just like human beings, we will put a small armband on one of your pet's forelimb, which will be linked to an automatic machine allowing us to blow it up. Its progressive deflating will let us read blood pressure. It includes systolic pressure (blood pressure when the heart propels blood in the body) and diastolic pressure (when blood fills the heart). This measurement will may be taken during consultation if the veterinarian thinks it's necessary.

We will take more than one measurement in order to establish an average. We will always consider the anxious factor of the consultation and of the test itself.

The clinic is equipped with a last generation machine which makes no noise at all (useful for cats) and helps to get more reliable readings, which is not the case of traditional Doppler. 

Blood pressure measurement is always important to check if your pet has a metabolic disease (kidney problem) or a hormonal disease (diabetes, thyroid problem, adrenal problem).

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