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The veterinary clinic Saint Dominique

Dr Jean-Michel Rabany was graduated in 1987 and then assisted a famous Parisian veterinarian, Dr Jean-Marie Montaron. He created his first clinic in the Parisian suburb in 1990. In May 1994, he decided to settle in Paris and create a vet clinic, which was a small one, but situated in the privileged areas of the capital.

It was one of the oldest vet clinics in Paris, created in rue Saint Dominique in 1923 by an Italian officer and then managed by Dr Emile Houdot. Dr Rabany decided to transform the place in order to create the first vet clinic of the 7th district.

Vet clinic Saint Dominique was born! It's situated (thanks to its age) in one of the most popular shopping streets of Paris, between the Eiffel tower and the Invalides.


Because of a very small space due to its situation, Dr Rabany equipped with made to measure furniture a place dedicated to cats and dogs medicine, in the best conditions. Long term vision veterinarian, Dr Rabany didn't miss the occasion : He extended the structure with one more floor and equipped his clinic with a new surgical space and an hospitalization room, investing on a new high-performance technical setting.

It was a risky bet but with a well situated, modern and brand new vet clinic, Dr Rabany counted on the availability and the personalization of services to win new patients and to please demanding customers' needs.

In 1994, he was alone (with his assistant Helena) to start working and his business developed quickly. In 1996, he began to work with another veterinarian and hired another assistant.

At the same time, Dr Rabany contributed to develop C4V centers, specialized in advising and diet control of cats and dogs.

The clinic kept on developing with a second and a third assistant. Same thing for veterinarians, by hiring colleagues.

The increasing request of services for small pets led to the success of the clinic opening.

Since then the clinic has become bigger and bigger and we can count now 2 receptionists, 2 nurse vets, 3 veterinarians, plus some veterinarian colleagues who take part of specialized consultations, in order to please our patients' needs.

Vet clinic Saint Dominique has been developing for all those years, trying to offer a high-performance technical setting, skills and availability, in a fine and friendly atmosphere and in a very personalized services will.

Today, vet clinic Saint Dominique owns Parisian, national and international customers. Every year, it's 3000 hours of opening, ten thousand vaccinations, thousands of analysis and surgeries. It's also tones of healthy and diet pet food bought at our desk.

To better meet this demand, smaller and affordable and in the same spirit of service and quality, Dr Rabany created Stanislas vet clinic in 2011, in the 6th district, next to Montparnasse.

Thank you to our thousands of patients that make Saint Dominique clinic history and contribute to its development which will continue to increase.

Saint Dominique clinic has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019!

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