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Echography (abdominal and heart) is done in a special place in the basement of the clinic. 

Echography is this well-known machine which is used in human medicine to check the fetus inside pregnant women stomach in order to confirm his good development. 


It's a complementary exam to radiology and it allows to precise the organs intern structure, while radiology gives a general shape.

Echography will often be an interesting complementary exam and will inform us on organs intern structure (mass, abscess, cyst…) and tissues in order to precise some conditions and to take decision on surgery or not. It will be also possible to take a sample of tissue we can see, or to take some urine from the bladder.


Some diseases are easier to diagnose with echography, for example pancreatitis, kidney or gallbladder diseases. It's a non-invasive and painless exam.


In the same way than humans, your pet will be laid on his back and some scan gel will be applied on his stomach, after shaving it. Your pet may receive a sedative before the exam according to his disposition, to minimize the anxiety and make him more cooperative, in order to collect any information this machine can give us.


The session can be from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on what we are looking for.

The clinic offers you an abdominal and heart echography service for your pet if he requires it.

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